Make message board message length longer

Commish at League 1348 here. Our league has custom rules which require lengthy announcements via the message board. I’ve recently noticed that the ends of my posts are getting cut off, but not immediately upon posting. I made sure to double check that it wasn’t just me.

Thanks in advance for any help!

There’s a character limit. It’s too small. I’ll change this to a wishlist request.

Thanks, Niv! I made sure it was within the character limit before posting and saw the whole post after I submitted it, but came back a couple hours later and the last few lines were gone. It’s happened a few times.

Either way, will break up my posts a bit more to be safe!

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Our league started posting some fun headlines to bide the time between now and arbitration. The posts on the message board are cut off, but are coming through in their entirety in email notifications about the post. League is 1016: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Moe Drabowsky Society. Here’s a screengrab of what came through in the email.




Lol good stuff. Will check this out!

Just had this happen, as well – looks like they’re cutting off after about 490 characters or so:

(Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - League of Nations)

Can confirm they’re coming through completely on email. Thanks!


I’m quite sloppily merging the ‘bug’ and the ‘request’ which are basically the same thing of “make it so the message board stops cutting me off”

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