Make visible individual voting results on a trade


Would it be possible to list not only the results of a trade, but also which teams Approved, Vetoed or Abstained?

This is hidden by design but there may be value to showing who missed voting.

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OK thanks. I guess I would like to know who has such a problem with a deal to veto it. Or if it just an outlier result from a person in a league who vetoes every trade

Owners should be allowed to veto without pressure or shaming if they believe a trade is veto-worthy. Since the threshold to veto is so high, owners should not feel any further pressure to not veto.


We have someone in our league who pretty much vetoes every trade- his reasoning is that if it helps two teams that aren’t me, I should be against it. I’m glad the threshold for vetoing the veto is high, so I accept his warped worldview. Although, I guess he’s not wrong.