Make watchlist visible when roster is illegal

Sorta random, but I just won an auction in league 1 and I wanted to look at my watchlist to remind myself what other players are available before making my cut. I could cut an OF, a MI, a prospect, a P…and I wanted the data point of who else I could start an auction for to help influence that. But the watchlist is not visible when I have an illegal roster.

Could that be changed? Is it the right move to change it?


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My username is @nivshah, not @niv. That @niv user goes to a black hole somewhere, I dunno.

Yeah I think for the watchlist, the standard error / warning message is more appropriate than a hard redirect.

the username thing is confusing. but i will maybe remember.

think you are going to change the watchlist soon? like…now? or should i just make my cut?

Ah make your cut, I am in the middle of another thing. But! I think I will make this change this weekend.

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You can now view your watchlist when over limits.

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