Manager needed - Epic Boss Level Challenge

Here is a challenge for someone…total rebuild needed in an otherwise very active league. The team is bad, I only see like one or one keeper… I’d prefer to find an ottoneu vet who is striving towards OPL entry status!!

Take control today prior to arbitration (mandatory in the league) and have the entire offseason to plan your rebuild. You’ll have some money to spend drafting, like $389ish. Maybe even closer to $400 after you earn the badge for having all $33 applied to your one keeper-ish dude during arbitration…

We have had a different champion in each of our five years! Lots of activity, right up to the buzzer, come join us. Cheers - Leif

If the team is still available I’d like to attempt the challenge. I had my other team in OPL last year, but was eliminated after the 3rd round. Other team is a roto fangraph pts, I’d be nice to try out a points league as well. I’ve been in that league for 5 years, with a win and 2 3rds to my credit.

sweet, spot filled!