Manager Wanted - $50 H2H Fangraphs Pts (3rd year league)

Hi all,

We have1 spot open in our H2H Fangraphs Pts league. The league is going into its third year, and has a really active and engaged group of owners.

The league is here if you would like to check it out: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - Baseball

The available team is:

Please let me know if interested, or if you have any questions. Thanks!

Hey! I’m interested in joining the league!

We have one more opening in this league:

This team is still available. Good opportunity for anyone looking to take on a rebuild - and lots of interesting Free Agents that will be available at the auction draft.

Hi there! I’m interested – I’ve played fantasy baseball for years and years, including dynasty experience, but have never played Ottoneu. The March 20 draft should work well for me too!