Managers Wanted - $20 - 10 team H2H Fangraphs Pts (2nd year league)

I took over a first year league and we are trying to find active owners. We are currently looking to fill three spots. We are using Vote Off Arbitration. One team completed Arbitration the other two did not.
Sod Poodles (completed arbitration)
Kuhl as a Cucumber (did not participate in arbitration)
Feel the Burnes (did not participate in arbitration)
Please let me know if you are interested.

Team Sod Poodles has been claimed. Still looking for two more owners.
Thank You.

I may like to claim the feel the burnes team. I had a couple questions first…Can the commish reach out to me via email? I’ve done plenty of fantasy baseball, but first time on ottoneu…Thanks

We are still looking for one more owner. Team Feel the Burnes is available.