Manually added players not showing up

Sorry to bug you again - but I still do not see Sawamura in the system yet. I’ve looked in the players section and in the Team Management tool for Commissioners.

Good reminder, I think a couple of players I’ve added recently have been flagged by the system as retired, so I will look into that.

I think @eamuscatuli had someone too…?

He did! Kohei Arihara. I am looking into both of these guys right now.

Both Arihara and Sawamura were flagged as retired. I’ve removed this flag and now maybe they will show up in search?

I can confirm Sawamura is in the system now. Thanks Niv!

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These dang games need to start so players stop being flagged.

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Reason #2,781,925 real games need to start now! Might be up higher on your list though!

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