Manually changing playoff seeds

Can someone walk through how to do this for us? Our playoffs start today and we have the wrong seedings!

I believe the window for doing this is between the end of the last regular season game and before playoff games are set. I am happy to make manual changes for any league that wants them before the 1pm ET games start.

I confused myself and others. The real answer is:

There is no custom seeding built in to baseball at this time. It is a football-only feature.

Sorry, last thing for this league. I didn’t realize that I had to manually change the playoffs to have the same start cap as the regular season. If possible could you change it to an 8 start cap instead of the 2 SP slots per day.

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Yep no problem. This should be done.

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Piggy backing off of Wimble’s question, I see a 10 start cap for a two week championship matchup in my league (1250). Does this 10 start cap refresh beginning of week 2 of the matchup or is this 10 for the whole two weeks?

This is directly addressed on the rules page:

I. e. iv. In two-week playoff games, the GS cap will reset at the end of the first week and before the second week begins on the second Monday in the matchup

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Thanks! I was looking at the Playoffs section of the rules and not Roster, sorry!

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Hey @nivshah I think our commish emailed you about this but the 1126 seeds could use some fixing for the finals. Supposed to be Wahoo vs. Cespedes. Thanks!

Ah shoot my bad.

1126 should be all set now.