Matching players between Fangraphs & Ottoneu

Pulling stats from Fangraphs and pulling rosters from Ottoneu are easy enough. But the names of players do not match.

Has anyone found a way (beyond the manual CSV file download at Fangraphs) to get player IDs in a scrape of Fangraph player data?

Have you considered the Ottoneu player universe?

Or does it not accomplish what you want?

Maybe I am missing something obvious, but I have no issues getting lists of players out of ottoneu, but their stats live in fangraphs (or elsewhere).

I have no key (player id) to match the players in ottoneu to the stat lists I can get elsewhere.

For example: Nathaniel Lowe (in fangraphs) is Nate Lowe in ottoneu (In many cases names do work, but small differences like this or accents mess up too many). The downloads I get from fangraphs never include a player ID# (unless I do a manually CSV download).

Perhaps that manual download is the only way.

You could just create a master index using the Ottoneu player pool file with Ottoneu IDs/FG IDs and Ottoneu player names and just add a column for FG player names. That way if you’re scraping directly from FG you can just match the FG name to the Ottoneu name/ID.

Or, as you said, just download the FG data and it will contain FG ID for easy matching against any Ottoneu export

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How are you obtaining the data from FG? If you’re scraping, player IDs are in the URL.

The export CSV option includes the player ID in the player rows.

I don’t fully understand what the issue is. Seems like doing the CSV export is the easiest way to get the data. But if you need to match, then Smart Fantasy Baseball’s Player ID Map may be a helpful resource. It has player ids for a number of fantasy/stat sites as well as different configurations of players’ names.

In the off-season, the csv works ok but for inseason it’s nice to have an automatic excel/google sheet reference that can get stats with the id.

At one point, in Google Sheets, I added a “different name map” that I updated as necessary.


Steamer               League
Jazz Chisholm Jr.     Jazz Chisholm
Adolis Garcia         Adolis GarcĂ­a
Jose Ramirez          José  Ramírez
Nathaniel Lowe        Nate Lowe
Michael Harris II	  Michael Harris
A.J. Pollock          AJ Pollock
Domingo Acevedo       Domingo Antonio Acevedo
Ronald Acuna Jr.      Ronald Acuña Jr.
Cedric Mullins II     Cedric Mullins
Wander Franco         Wander Samuel Franco