Matchup Projection Updates As Games Are Played

Love that we now have team projections and matchup projections based on our lineups!

As a V2 for projections, would like to see matchup projections change dynamically as games are played to properly reflect the current state of the matchup.

Thanks Niv for your hard work! :slight_smile:


Hi, is there any way to set it up so that weekly projections are continuously updated? So that as actual scores come in, the projected totals change?


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This is why this isn’t happening immediately:


Have received some requests from league members for projections updating as matches are played as well if possible, thanks!

I’ll take a first simple step of changing the total to include player points instead of projections for games that are final, I’ll have to think more about a more complete solution.


Awesome, yeah I agree on that, thanks!!

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Once a player is locked due to their NFL game starting, their projected points will be replaced by their actual points in the projected final scoring.

The next step will be to add a % of projected points based on time left in a game to the points already scored, but that will come in a few days or weeks, not immediately.

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thank you!! great news :tada:

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Alright I had a little bit more time than I thought I would so I took a pass at changing how we present projected points everywhere in Ottoneu Fantasy Football.

If the NFL game hasn’t started, the player’s projected column will show their full projection from Rotowire.

If the NFL game is in progress, the player’s projected column will be any points they’ve scored plus a weighted amount of their projection from Rotowire, linearly decreasing as game time decreases.

If the NFL game is final, the player’s projected column will be identical to their points scored in that game.

Consider this completed 3 years later!

Just as a note, I may have messed up my “percentage of game time remaining” math, so if you see weird numbers here let me know in this thread and I’ll get to it tonight.


I’ve really been enjoying this new feature this season.

Just to confirm that I’m understanding what’s going on… say I have a player whose pre-game projection is 20 points. At the conclusion of the first quarter, he has scored 10 points. His projection is then 10+3/4*20=25 points?

Also, what happens if the game goes to OT? Thanks.

Your understanding of projections is right. I’m using time remaining in the game to pro-rate the projection.

Overtime is just not considered, which I think is pretty fine.

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