Max Effort Badge


The “Max Effort” badge is awarded to owners who have achieved 162 games played at every offensive position (including 810 GP at OF) in a single season.

To earn this badge, you must reply to this thread by posting a link to your final lineup page showing you’ve maxed out GP at every position.

You can earn this badge multiple times.

You can view a list of all potential badges here.

Hat tip to @davecarlton412 for this badge idea.

Max Effort

A pair from this season.

I see @chy924 has earned the coveted Max Effort badge here:

Looks like you were just shy on C and OF. Very close though

The wrong team must have come up. Try this: Rubber Duckies

Yep, there it is. I think this is one of the better badges - well done.

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Nicely done. I like the team name too.

Here’s the proper link for me:

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That is a team effort with @LaParka710 and myself

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And max effort (sorry):

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Here is my information for this badge:

Thank you very much.

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Graham’s Neubies:

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Flying Squirrels:

Earned Max Effort Badge in League 846 @LuckyStrikes @nivshah

Not only did I hit the max GP at every position, I did it during the final weekend!

Diamond Dogs …