Max Kepler's value at $7 - FGPTS

I just took over a team in a Fangraphs points league going into its 8th season. I put Kepler on the block as I don’t really love him, but this offer makes me think maybe I am undervaluing him at $7.

This is the offer I received:

For Max Kepler at $7, I receive:

|Brandon Nimmo|$4|
|Kyle Lewis|$3|
|Carson Kelly|$4|
|Brendan McKay|$4|

Lewis is the only prospect I really like, but this seems like too much to pass on for Kepler. Am I wrong?

My opinion is Kepler has value at 7$. He was the OF 57 last season in FGPTS. Prospects are fun and good to have as trade chips and the really close high prospects that will start soon have value for sure. I was prospect heavy last year and would honestly rather have 1 guy who is gonna give me points this season as opposed to 4 who wont really give me much this season. Just one mediocore fantasy players opinion, take with the grains of salt you wish.

Kepler’s woba against rhp was solid the last two seasons. I’d take a woba around .350 for 400 PAs next season for $7 in a league that likely has some inflation going on due to its age

I’d lean against keeping Kepler at $7, but I also would rather keep him that that foursome of prospects. I would keep shopping him, or counter with an offer for one solid player of need than those four.

Thanks for the replies. Kepler’s splits are pretty remarkable, I guess I wouldn’t hate using him as a platoon player for $7. I asked for Lewis +something I can use now.

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I’d take that deal if I had roster spots to fill or needing upgrade, but then I like Nimmo and McKay more than I value Kepler in a platoon