May need new GM - restoration project

First-year draft last Sunday evening that is currently processing a LOT of silent auctions to fill rosters. Had an owner flake on draft night (a friend of mine IRL but has been non-responsive) leaving a team with $400 and no players.

Probably an interesting challenge, especially for an experienced player. The league is comprised of mostly people new to the format. Most rosters are cash-strapped at this point so expect high-caliber waiver opportunities and trade opportunities to take on bigger contracts early on.

But… no sugar coating - it’s going to be tough to win in this situation but would love to see someone step in and try to field a competitive team. The team is paid for and if I do get a response from the owner relatively soon I’d like to give them a chance to take it back over.

Let me know if you’re interested, even if it just ends up being for a week or two or a co-manager situation down the road.

Chet G

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I’ll adopt it until your owner returns

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I’ll buy it out and take over if it is still available.

Whats the league number?