Maybe can't set playoff basketball lineups?

Got some reports that playoff teams can’t set lineups today. I’m investigating.

I had some issues that benching all players and clearing cache seemed to fix. The games remaining were off, but that seems to have resolved itself.

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Ok, I’m investigating but that’s great to hear.

The games remaining were showing up wrong on my phone. I logged on with PC, and was able to set my lineup. Now it looks fine on my phone.

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yes, games remaining are showing as less games as I am trying to set up lineups now.

I will try the benching all players thing because I also have been having issues setting my playoff lineup and each time I checked back the projected games remaining is way off for example it shows my F/C slot having zero games remaining but I don’t have a single player set in that line up slot for the entire week

The other thing that was different this week is normally at the start of the week and benches all your players, but it didn’t appear to do that this week

For what it’s worth I just tried using the bench all players feature, and it did NOT fix the problem for me

resolved pn my end…

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You have to leave the page for ~10 minutes to get the projected player number to fix itself. It does sound like everything is pointing at a bad week so I’m looking into it.

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I believe I’ve fixed this issue. Make sure to Bench All Players and ignore the site for 10 minutes if you see a weird number under projected games remaining.

So I hit bench all players a couple hours ago and when I came back, it’s still showing a weird number of projected games

Will this impact my Teams ability to collect points this evening?

Can you link to your league and share your team name?

Team = TreeWalker

I’ve temporarily made myself a co-manager of your team, and I visit this page:

And I see 5 guys in the lineup and 25 projected games remaining. This all seems accurate. Let me know if not (happy to take this to email, if you want).

OK thanks it’s just weird that it’s showing my lineup having five games played because I’ve been hitting bench players multiple times throughout the day and it seems to bench everyone for today’s lineup

When I said “Bench All Players” I meant on this page, where you see the whole week. If you are only looking at one day, it will only bench players for one day.

In generaly, I only refer to the weekly lineup view page.