McCutchen and Swanson vs. Albies and Eloy

Ottoneu 12 team 5x5:

McCutchen ($36 to keep) and Dansby Swanson ($8)


Eloy Jimenez ($7) and Ozzie Albies ($8)

McCutchen is a borderline keeper at $36 but with inflation, he’s probably worth it. Jimenez for $7 seems like a lot, as he’s likely not to play in Chicago until September at the earliest, but as a top 5 prospect he’ll go for more than that in the draft. The tough part of the trade for me is the Swanson/Albies part. Swanson HAS to be better than last year, right (I mean, he’s only 23)? His ceiling is comparable to Albies, it’s just that Albies will get more SB. Am I analyzing that correctly?

I don’t play 5 x 5, but I like the Albies side here (I think you have to almost ignore Eloy vs. Swanson here, as both could be dropped or traded). If Cutch gets traded to SFG, I think his value goes down; Albies is riskier but has more speed and hype value, which is always something I want to be holding. Seems like you could trade Albies down the road for a player better than McCutchen.

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