Mets-Nats DH not showing up 10/04/2022

I don’t think Six Picks is recognizing the Mets-Nats DH today. I never tried to pick a DH player before, but I believe it should prompt me to choose one of the games?

I’ll check it out!

Good news, I found the doubleheader and its showing up properly.

Bad news, the data provider thinks the game started at 3:33am and has locked players and Six Picks accordingly. I’m working on it.

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Ok this should be all fixed now. Six Picks is open until 2:05pm ET and the Mets-Nats DH should lock at 4pm ET when game 1 starts.

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Thanks for looking into it, Niv!

It’s still only showing me the early game - which is actually fine for me, just wondering if it should be making us choose one of them.

The dang date of the second game of the DH changed again, so let me look into that.

Alright, it should be fixed again, I’ll continue to monitor. Rotowire does not have projected starters for Game 2 of the DH quite yet.

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I’m still unable to make an entry for today on mobile or desktop.

I’ve updated the second game of the DH start time again. I’m working on getting our data provider to stop reverting my change. Six Picks is currently open for 10/4.

Alright, I’ve told Six Picks to ignore any game times for 2nd games of a doubleheader. This should be a permanent fix to this peculiar problem.

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It’s all there now, thanks again!

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