Migrating servers after the MLB All-Star Game (July 11)

FanGraphs and Ottoneu Fantasy Sports will both be migrating to a new hosting provider on July 11 after the All-Star game ends. We’ve chosen this timeframe in order to cause the least disruption to our users, and we expect minimal downtime. I’ll update more as we get closer to the switch.


Hey Niv,

Will this affect active auctions?

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Great question. If there are auctions ending anywhere from midnight to 3am ET on Wednesday, they will be marked as ended once we are back online. Bidding will not be available at this time as well. However, once we are back online, all auctions that should have ended during downtime will be ended accordingly.

So, some auctions may be processed later than expected and there will be a window in which you cannot bid, but other than that, in-season auctions will not be affected.

We’re back now. If you are on the site and notice anything that seems off, please let me know. Thanks for your patience!

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We are experiencing intermittent issues with our new database server. I’m working closely with the folks at FanGraphs and our new hosting provider to address this.

We are going to have to roll back to our previous hosting provider. We should be back up and running soon.

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I promised a quick recap of what happened here, but I mostly want to cap off the last two days with a big thank you to all of you for your patience and understanding during the back and forth of the server migration.

We were looking at a new hosting provider to get much more performant servers. Our new web servers were incredibly fast, but our database server, which Ottoneu shares with FanGraphs, simply could not keep up with the FanGraphs load yesterday during the day. Between 11am and 1pm if you visited FanGraphs or Ottoneu, you probably had a much slower experience than normal. Around 1pm we made the call that the performance was unacceptable and that we had to move back to our original servers. This process seems to have gone smoothly, but resulted in unexpected downtime between 1pm and 4pm ET yesterday.

In the end, we consider this a relatively easy lesson learned - we had some downtime but avoided data loss and learned a lot about how to avoid this kind of issue the future. We are going to re-evaluate our options and are still planning on making a server migration, but probably not until after the MLB regular season ends.

Again, thank you so much for your patience and understanding - I received 0 tweets, emails, messages expressing annoyance about the downtime, which made a pretty stressful situation yesterday slightly easier to deal with.

If you have any specific questions, I’m happy to answer them in this thread.