Mike Trout (2018)

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For 2018 FGPTS leagues, do you keep or cut Mike Trout @ $75?

  • KEEP
  • CUT

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This poll is anonymous, so you will not be giving away information to your league by voting.


34 votes in and this $75 price has split the crowd right down the middle on keeping Trout


This poll is insanely close; I’m going to leave it open this off season in case others want to vote. Will be interested to see the line on Trout come 2018


Mike trout is worth $2 more than whatever he cost I. Your league last season. Unless he’s hit with substantial allocation dollars he is 100% a keep or trade candidate.


But he won’t auction for less than what he was with last season plus $2 in any league. So if you aren’t getting him at a discount you trade or keep.