MiLB 60-day IL

Do players on the MiLB 60-day IL count against a roster or are they treated as equivalent as MLB 60-day IL player? An owner. In our league has Andrew Painter, who is in the former category and his roster is showing as illegal, we think because of Painter.

Here is a post and thread about exactly this and in fact why I didn’t show this status before.

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Thank you - very helpful

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I emailed RotoWire as requested and they did put Andrew Painter on the 60 day IL. In past seasons this meant an extra roster spot. Right now Painter is on the MILB 60 IL which is not freeing up a roster spot. Has there been a change to the rules or regulations?

Ha ok I look stupid because this very issue is addressed above. My issue is that he was in fact not counted against the 40 man roster last season. He was a 60 day IL player that gave an extra roster spot.

From the original post:

I do not think Andrew Painter was ever designated on the MLB 60IL last year. and so I also do not think he gave an extra roster spot to Ottoneu rosters. Since he has never been on the 40-man roster, he will not give a 40-man roster spot until he is placed on a 40-man roster and then put on the MLB 60IL.

I am not sure if that was a question here, but I am clarifying just in case.