MiLB Position Eligibility for 2022

Not urgent, but I just noticed some weird stuff with MiLB player position eligibilities. And what’s really weird is that I’m 99.9% sure that they were correct earlier this week.

For example, Spencer Torkelson should have 1B/3B for 2022 (like he has for 2021). He played 15 games at 1B in A+ plus 10 games at 1B in AA (i.e., 15+10>20). And then 16 games at 3B in A+ plus 15 games at 3B in AA. He came into the season with just UTIL (since he hadn’t played a pro game) and has earned 1B/3B for 2021, but for whatever reason he doesn’t have that 1B/3B eligibility for 2022.

Another example is Nolan Gorman. Gorman came into the season with just 3B eligibility, but gained 2B for 2021 since he’s played 16 games at 2B in AA plus 7 games at 2B in AAA this season. So he should be 2B/3B for 2022 as well. But he just currently has 3B eligibility for 2022.

So not super urgent since it’s just 2022 eligibility, but just thought I’d bring attention to it.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m going to keep an eye on this and try to figure out what is going on in the next few days.

Found the bug! This will be fixed tomorrow morning.

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It will actually be fixed tomorrow morning, I forgot to get my latest changes on the server. Oops.

Looks all good (just checked Gorman and Torkelson). Thanks!

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Is Sam Huff going to lose C eligibility for 2022? :cry:

Sure sounds like Tork with 3B eligibility is going to be a one year thing. Hinch came out and said he will be their 1B of the future. Enjoy Tork the 3B in 2022.

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