Milb Roster Expansion search engine

I am requesting a way if possible to add an MILB search thread for additional players that are added in an MILB format. Currently, some leagues I am in use a spreadsheet format with no search platform to add $0 dollar players. If there is a way to list players on a separate thread on the Ottoneu page with the owners name tied to the MILB player it would be appreciated. I understand we have a RESTRICTED PLAYERS LIST but if that can be improved by listing by team owner: Then player 1, 2, 3 etc i think it would make it a lot easier.

837 Dynasty Sheet 7.15.19 - Google Sheets

If possible to include players in the search icon.

MiLB-X leagues are a user-driven customization on top of the Ottoneu platform. There are no plans to further support these customizations at this time. Only a small percentage of leagues have this customization, and it breaks two of the core tenets of Ottoneu- every player that is on a team must be paid and team rosters are maxed at 40 + 60 day IL players.

If you and your league enjoy this customization, please by all means continue to use it. However, at this time I do not plan to prioritize any effort towards making these customizations part of the Ottoneu platform, especially given the other features I would like to work on before the 2020 season.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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