Minor League Players No Eligibility

Probably just a short term glitch, but it looks like all MiLB players no longer have eligibility, see Rafael Devers here (Util only): https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/504/playercard?id=18344

I’ve also noticed that the milb daily stats in a players profile are no longer displaying.

Not a player add request, but Drew Robinson lost his eligibility this morning. Yesterday he was 2B, 3B, OF. Today he is Util.
On Fangraphs, he is listed as 3B/OF

He’s played 80 games in the minors this year at 2B, not to mention all the games last year. He was 2B yesterday, and now he’s Util only.

I’m looking into this right now.

I think the eligibility portion should be fixed.

looks like it - thanks!

This should be fixed now too.

Drew Robinson is MI again! Thanks Niv.

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I think some of the overall stats are funny. For instance on Scott Kingery’s players card, it is showing the same runs, home runs, obp and slg for his stints this year both at AA and AAA.

Good eye. I think this is fixed now. We shuffled around our minor league data sources yesterday, so these are unintended consequences from that move.

Something is still not quite right. Most of my minor leaguers look correct, but Alex Bregman is missing SS eligibility again. I thought I noticed he had it back yesterday, but maybe not (the Astros were off). Now he is 3B-only again.

Are there any other MLB players who (a) have eligibility they gained from the minor leagues (only) in 2016 and (b) have not yet qualified again through their 2017 games? I would guess so—I just can’t think of any off the top of my head—other than Bregman.

Also I have no idea if this is related, but it seems like it could be: German Marquez shows up as a “P/SP” now. Never seen that one before, and he shows up on the bench with my hitters now instead of with the pitchers.

Agree; Brad Peacock (all my leagues) now shows “P/SP/RP”, but also is in the upper (offensive) half of my lineup, not in the pitchers. I now only have the option of moving him from the bench to the DL or Minors (in my lineup, not rotation)

Drew Robinson today with 1B/2B eligibility. I’ll keep my eye on him.

These are basically the same issue, so I rolled back some stuff and I think we’re in much better shape now.

There might be weirdness with minor league-related eligibilities tomorrow, and if there are please update this thread. I think I have worked through all the wonky issues. I appreciate the patience as always.