Minor League Scoring

Are points only accrued for stats in the major leagues, or do MiLB players score points as well? I assumed it was the former, because otherwise I’d just load up on PCL all-stars for batting. But now that I have MiLB players on my roster, on the “Line-up” page it shows points for their minor league stats just like it shows points for major league stats. Also the presence of the “Minors” slot on the lineup is confusing - I understand it for the roster organizer.

Help a newb out. :slight_smile:


Never thought I’d have to answer this one, but should keep it around for posterity.

No, minor league players do not accrue stats towards your team in Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball.

Glad to be first at something!

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It was a totally fair question and I’ve updated the rules page for clarity on it.

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