Minor suggestion for the Standings page interface

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Sometimes I like to use the Standings page to find potential trading partners. I usually like to look at the top teams and figure out what their needs are. Right now, the standings and rankings are a) not in the same order, and b) not sortable.

Both of these changes would help me out a ton. Putting them in the same order seems like something that could be done quickly. Is there a reason they are currently in a different order?


I’m not sure why the “pointer” icon isn’t showing up, but you can sort the tables on the Standings page by clicking on the header.

I’ll change the team ordering of the Stats table to align with the Rankings table, and move the rankings table to the top.


Can’t believe I didn’t even try clicking on the headers! Anyways, thanks for being so responsive! It’ll help a ton.


Ok, the standings page should be updated per what I said I’d do!


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