MLB 60-day IL questions

When should I expect my hurt players to officially hit the IL? And curious as to why they wait during spring training. I’m sure there is a legit reason. Also, can they retroactive injuries in spring training? ie, Carlos Carrasco and his hammy (or whatever), can they put him on the 60 day IL and then retro it so he is only on for like 45 days?


It mostly has to do with the 40-man roster. Putting a player on the 60-day IL frees up a 40-man roster spot. Some MLB teams don’t need this roster spot and don’t want to put someone on their 40-man because it affects service time, how much you have to pay a player, etc.

From the MLB rules on the 60-day IL (relaying this from @joecatz)

A player who is placed on the MLB 60-day Injured List during Spring Training must spend at least the first 60 days of the MLB regular season on the Injured List (the player cannot be reinstated any earlier than the 61st day of the MLB regular season).

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A player has to spend 60 days on the IL once put on the 60 day and it starts on opening day. However you CAN take someone who was on the 10 day and transfer then to the 60 day when needed and that time would accrue.

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