MLB Playoff Games 10/07/2016

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Awesome full slate of playoff games today! Feel free to discuss them here, and as always, who you got?

  • Texas
  • Toronto

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  • Cleveland
  • Boston

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  • Washington
  • LA Dodgers

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  • Chicago Cubs
  • San Francisco

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I feel sorry for my employer today


I hate 9pm starts when it’s my team playing, I’m too old to stay up that late!


You and me both but living in the central time zone I guess it’s better that I don’t have to take half the day off.


Rain in Texas will make this a little more interesting. It should pass but I loved pitching in the rain in HS/College and I have no idea why.


I was in Vegas last year for the NLDS, it was awesome being able to watch the games end and then go grab dinner!


Not derail this thread but March Madness in Vegas is like #3 on my bucket list.


Been to Vegas more times than I care to count and had this as a tradition with a couple of the guys who are original ottoneu members. Pro-tip: go the second weekend. It’s cheaper, there are less people, and the action is more followable. Saw Steph Curry take Davidson to the brink against Kansas and it’s one of my greatest sports memories.


Count yourself lucky - it’s 2am my time!




The Rangers are the most average team in the playoffs. Currently holding onto a negative run differential for the season.