Mock Draft "bug" with available players pool drained

Was running through a mock draft with bots, and ran into an issue when the “all” best players list ran out of players. The bots refuse to nominate additional players. They also then disconnect. For bots that haven’t disconnected, they will continue to bid to the average price point or whatever they have left.

Here is the status mid-disconnect round, showing the bid of a connected bot:

Once all the bots disconnect, the auction keeps running (since they aren’t done, but could be marked done), with just one lonely bot:

Had some aggressive bidders, heh. Anyway, I just wanted to share–debating going in before I pick, to enable all of them again and then let them disconnect, haha.

Well, I did what I could:

Fun exercise/diversion anyway :sweat_smile:

Yeah this is a known limitation of the mock draft bots. They only nominate one of the top 100 players, and once those are gone they will just be like “eh, later”.

If you have a bot replace your own bidding, you can tell it to bid on any number of players rather than just the top 100, but this requires manually entering player names and dollar values.

At some point I’ll be interested in expanding the player universe a bot will consider and how a bot will select the next player to nominate (i.e. considering its own ‘needs’, etc) but that is down the line.