Mock Drafts?

Right now on a couple online forums that I frequent, there are people who want to do mock auction/drafts to pass the time away between end of FF and start of FB. ESPN and Yahoo are down for the count until mid-February. What if Ottoneu could be a place for mock drafts around this time of year? It might be a way to attract more people to the site and then sign up for real leagues. Just a thought.


I would second this suggestion as this becomes a big item every February as leagues are forming. Would be great to do this, especially for first time owners.


Just bumping up this wishlist item from earlier this year. I don’t have a good sense of the marginal costs to supporting mock drafts, but it would really be a great way to introduce people to the interface and possibly stick around and join a real league for the season. I don’t think any platforms support auctions over the off-season, so Ottoneu could fill that vacancy. And in the meantime it would give us something to do other than waste hours on the Slack channel.

I’m pretty active on r/fantasybaseball and a lot of people there are curious about Ottoneu but have never done an auction before or have concerns about the interface, so they don’t want to spend $20. Mock drafts would allow newcomers to try it out before purchasing.

Just a thought.


Would be really awesome if Ottoneu had an opportunity to participate in Mock Draft Auctions. Kind of how ESPN has mocks where you can have other people join or with auto draft computer teams. Be able to try different positional and financial allocation strategies before your league auction.

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