Money Change Summary When Trading In Football


Not a big deal, but when proposing a trade in football I was missing the baseball tool that summarized the money changes if the trade was accepted. So example $60 Melvin Gordon for $10 Jacobs and $20 Murray with no loans. Normally in baseball you would see a red 30 on the Jacobs side and green 30 on Gordon side in the trade summary. Football you have to manually find the difference. Like I said not a huge deal, but a tool I found useful in baseball that hasn’t been added to football yet.


I agree that would be a helpful tool. Also, has any thought been given to accelerating the trade approval/completion period to 24 hours? I had an owner in my league ask me (I’m commissioner) if I could accelerate a trade this week so they could use the players involved on Sunday.

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The cap space differential now shows up in real time when you are working on trades. An example:


Thanks Niv!