More draft slots potentially made available?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but just to check: once a draft date is listed as full on the League Settings page, is there any chance that more slots will open for that date in the future?

Our league has had a… difficult time finding a draft slot that would work for everyone, and finally reached a consensus on the afternoon of March 19 – which, as I just discovered, is currently the only date that’s greyed out on the Ottoneu draft selection calendar. Just wanted to make sure there was no possibility that we might be able to secure a slot on that date before I started this whole process over again. Thanks!

Highly, highly unlikely. I’ve taken big steps to improve our capacity but it’s hard to risk bad performance for everyone.

Maybe consider doing partial live on the site and partial slow auction. Could shorten the window you’d have to be all available for a live draft.

Copy that. Thanks for the quick update!

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One of my leagues had March 19 as a placeholder draft date even though we’re doing a slow auction. I just changed it, so maybe now there’s a slot available?

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Looks like there is. (Well, ‘was’ now :smiley:) Thanks so much for your help!

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Glad it worked, I wasn’t even aware that dates could fill up.

Niv, is there a better procedure for slow auction leagues than picking a placeholder date? Should we uncheck the “Use Auction Draft For This Season (2023)”?

Just pick a placeholder Tuesday in February next time :slight_smile: