More information on the arbitration page

Resurrecting this thread with a few additional ideas/requests.

  • At the top of the page next to “Your Dollars Remaining” add a “Dollars allocated to you” as a total in once easy place to see (easier than adding manually, and a useful figure to update the roster organizer)
  • Convert the “remaining allocation budget” to a sort of “team arbitration summary” table by keeping the “dollars remining” column, and adding columns such as: Current team salary, current dollars allocated to, and projected team salary
  • Convert the “Existing Arb Dollars Table” to a “player arbitration summary” by incorporating your team as well as other team’s players (so you can sort and see where your players rank relative to others in allocated dollars) and add a column for “Total Arb” which would be the addition of “Your Arb” and “Other Arb” so it is easier to visualize/sort
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Bumping this up again as arbitration is a relevant topic

I’ve updated the arbitration pages to display most of this information and to be a little bit cleaner.


This looks great - thanks!

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Noticed the summary table of my team’s players receiving arb dollars disappeared. Any way that be restored? It is nice seeing that in one place instead of scrolling through the entire list looking for my highlighted players. Worst case I suppose I can filter by team column, but was nice to see that table at the top with the headers.

You can sort by team so I think that’s fine. Having two redundant tables isn’t going to happen and I prefer the one table to how it was, with my team missing from the main table, to be honest

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Appreciate the feedback. I’m sure this will be more efficient in the long run as well.

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First time that page has changed in three years so give it a minute :slight_smile:

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Feels more organized on the page with the cleaner look and added information. Definitely liking it so far.


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