More prominence to "Managed Points" or start/bench performance

So, I play this thing called Learned League, which is a trivia game that gave me this idea. In Learned League, you answer trivia questions, but you also assign a point value to the questions your opponent answers. Whatever. Point is, LL actually tells you how well you did on this aspect of the performance.

In Ottoneu, I know how I perform at a team level. But how good am I at choosing which players to start and which to bench? It would be interesting to know if I am particularly good or bad at this. Roster construction is part of being a good manager, but so is gaining a marginal advantage by being good at starting/sitting players according to matchups, etc.

The way that you would do this would basically be calculate the total points your team could have scored on a given day with an optimal start/sit strategy. Eg, let’s say you scored 100 points, but your catcher spot gave you -4 and you had a catcher on the bench that did +6. So with a better start/sit strategy you would have scored 110. Assuming all other things equal, you would get a -10 “start/sit score” (or whatever you want to call it). This could be generated separately for lineup and rotation and summed for the team.

I think this would be a really interesting stat to add to the game that would get players thinking more deeply about this aspect of performance, and it would just be fun!

You can see how your bench performs both on the lineups page and on the Team Production page (under the tools menu).

Right, but this tells me nothing about whether that is because I have a deep team with a good bench, or if I am a dumbass and consistently sit good players who should be in my starting lineup. (It is possible I am missing this feature if it already exists, but I don’t think it does.)

Calculating best ball is kind of complicated and I’m not sure its worth it just so everyone can see that they have been suboptimal. It’s also just flat-out not possible for roto. Like, I don’t need the site to double-down on telling me where exactly I’ve been missing out on homers or strikeouts.

I should also mention, in case it’s helpful, that there is an “In Lineup” filter on the lineup page that you can use to compare how your players perform in your lineup (vs Overall).