Move Locked Players Within Lineup

Curious if there’s appetite to allow players who have locked (due to their games starting) to be moved within the lineup.
Cavan Biggio is in your OF to start at noon, and Willy Adames is in your MI spot to start at 6. Turns out, at 6pm, Adames is benched by MIL, and your only lineup replacement is an OF’er. I’d like to be able to shift Biggio to MI and replace the OF slot with a player that is starting.

Obviously, the player can’t be moved out of the lineup once locked, but would be nice if they could be moved within the lineup. No fantasy site offers this, and I’ve always wondered why. Might be a difficult back-end build?

That sounds very neat - but more than the coding which you alluded to, I see a big problem with the acceleration of the daily grind. I think that weekly leagues would have a lot more going for them if daily leagues ALSO were like 4x daily leagues. Not that this would be a problem for me, since I am always checking the lineup. But that’s the downside of this I think.

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It effect, that’s just giving added bonus for multi-positional eligibility.

In my opinion it doesn’t really make sense to award someone for having an inactive in their lineup. It would be a change to create a confusing loophole.


I see it as slightly giving an added bonus for multi position eligibility, but doesn’t that only make the experience closer to real-life roster management in the sense that the best teams tend to have versatile players that can play multiple positions? I’m new to Ottoneu, but in my dynasty leagues, I have always valued multi position eligibility higher due to not needing to go through auction to pick up backups when injury strikes.

I’m not sure what you mean by it “awarding someone for having an inactive in their lineup” as the goal is specifically to NOT have inactive players in the lineup. It takes away the one-sided exchange of having your backup player on the east coast and your starter on the west vs having your starter on the east and backup on the west (among other scenarios where your better player is starting hours after the replacement).

Not many votes though (and probably high level of effort on the back-end anyways) so seems like maybe its a moot discussion.

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