Moving players out of the "Other Players" area


Hi Niv,

First season in Otteneu - when will new additions start showing on the lineup page, rather than simply in ‘other players’?

Thanks - loving the experience.


Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

Once a player has started playing in the minors, they will get a player page on FanGraphs and the system should automatically link them up. In some cases, this doesn’t happen right away - for example, if a player’s name is somewhat common. In those cases, I have to manually link them up, so just let me know and I can do that.



Ok, thanks for the incredibly quick response!



@nivshah are you able to manually link up Nick Madrigal? Thanks!


Nick Madrigal is linked up


Hi Niv,

In response to your comment about manual link up, would it be possible for you to link up Casey Mize, Alec Bohm and Joey Bart? Best, Chris


All three of these guys have been linked up