Multiple Openings in FG Points League (52)

Bull Durham (League 52) will have multiple openings (3 or 4) this off-season. Available rosters range widely in the 2019 standings but all rosters have interesting pieces. The league has had a side pot in past years but will likely be converting into a $50 league for 2020 (we haven’t voted yet). I am hoping to get new owners on board in time to participate in arbitration.

Which teams?

House Targaryen and Bleacher Bums. I have another owner who inquired last night, so I am giving him pick priority for 24 hours. If he decides he isn’t interested or fails to choose within that window, you can have your choice of those two.

I’m interested in either. I took over a team last year from 9th to 2nd in 5 X 5.

What’s the buy in on top of the side pot?

I anticipate that the prize structure is going to switch to a standard $50 league in 2020. The former side pot was roughly equivalent to a $50 league payout structure and collecting the side pot money was a hassle. We will vote on this change once we have a full set of owners in place.

I have one inquiry via Slack that has priority to pick a roster, but if I don’t hear from him by tonight, then the priority goes to mpkrieger1 and then aebst24.

I haven’t heard from the person on Slack, so I am turning over priority to mpkrieger1. If you would like to assume ownership of either House Targaryen or Bleacher Bums, please let me know in 24 hours. Otherwise, I will turn priority over to aebst24.

I am going to pass right now. If Bleacher Bums is still open in a week PM me and I may have interest. That team is intriguing.

Thanks for letting me know, mpkrieger1.

@aebst24, your choice of teams!

Bleacher Bums has now been claimed. House Targaryen is still available, if anyone is interested.

I’ll take House Targaryen, if it’s still available.

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I’ll take House Targaryen.


The prospective owner of Bleacher Bums backed out, so the Bums are back available.

@aebst24: You were here first, so you should have priority to choose between Bleacher Bums and House Targaryen.

@jordanbarhorst: If aebst24 claims House Targaryen, would you be interested in Bleacher Bums?

Once we figure out who claims which roster, I can get the rest of the league to vote on your additions to Bull Durham.

Still waiting to hear from @aebst24 and @jordanbarhorst. If I don’t hear anything by tomorrow, I will again make these two rosters available to the public.

I’ll take Bleacher Bums. Thanks

Thanks for your interest, @aebst24 . I am vetting prospective owners with other league members (lots of people in multiple leagues who know non-league members) so please PM me your real name, Slack username, or any other Ottoneu monikers you use. We have an active, engaged league so approval of a new franchise should be a quick process once I get that info from you. We can get you in before arbitration season!

Also, I should let interested owners know that our league has voted to remain a $20 entry league, rather than change to a $50 league as I suggested might happen in my original advertisement.

Still waiting for responses from @aebst24, @jordanbarhorst, and @mpkrieger1. If I don’t hear by the end of today, I am going to repost these openings.

If it’s $20, I’m no longer interested.


Bull Durham (52) still has two openings for new owners. The open rosters are House Targaryen (2nd place in 2019) and Bleacher Bums (an intriguing rebuilder with a nice core). Bull Durham is a $20 FGPts league. If interested, please let me know which roster you prefer and any other usernames you go by.

Bull Durham is now full.