Multiple Sports in Drop Down Menu

Right now, there’s the nice drop-down menu next to the top-left Ottoneu logo on fantasy baseball league pages that lets me easily switch between my multiple teams/leagues. This menu excludes my fantasy football team/league, however – have to go back to the main dashboard to access that. Would it be possible to include teams/leagues from multiple Ottoneu sports offerings in this menu?

Not a big deal either way of course, but I think it’d be a nice change (especially with fantasy basketball now being offered).

Agreed on this

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Acknowledging this, it is definitely a no brainer. Unfortunately the football and basketball sites don’t even have a dropdown right now, so this will be on the backburner but should get done this year.


As a related request, I’d love to see Football/ Basketball teams show up in the same team dropdown link, maybe a different coloring for each format? Would just love to be able to go to any of my teams from any other team. I could seperate out this request as well, if it makes it easier

Would still like to get to this at some point.

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Thanks for merging, I swear I tried to look for relevant topics before posting lol

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For baseball, we’re able click on the little v next to OTTONEU in the upper left. This option isn’t available if you own multiple basketball leagues. If you could add this feature to basketball that would be awesome or perhaps even incorporate all leagues under that v next to Ottoneu.

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks Niv!