Multiple Wembys

Hi Niv,

I know we’re pre-deadline, so this doesn’t really matter, but was just going over cuts in basketball, and noticed that there are two Victor Wembanyamas in the system:

It looks like the old player didn’t link with the player that was drafted, since the new one is on the Spurs.

Ok I’ll check it out. Definitely the right time to find this. Really thought I had avoided it!

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I didn’t check any other players, like the Thompson Twins, but I figured this would at least be a start to check them all.

Looks like it is just Wemby (of that small set).

I checked on Scoot and Brandon Miller, only one of each of those guys. I’ve resolved the Victor Wembanyama and will keep an eye out for other dupes.

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Awesome, thanks Niv!

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