My roster is now illegal, but I can't figure out what changed from yesterday

I am guessing that a player went from the 60 day IL to the 10 day IL but I am not sure who, is there a way this is tracked, or can I look at my team at a previous date and see if someone was on the 60 day IL?


Unfortunately you cannot - we do not store historical COVID-19 IL or 60-day IL status.

If you post the link to your roster, I can try to see if I can identify the player whose status changed. It was probably a COVID list thing.

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The data had Brusdar Graderol as being on the 60 day IL, but that was a mistake. It was corrected a few days ago and Graderol went to being on the 10 day IL. Which meant that anyone who had him lost a roster position. It happened to me.