Nationals vs Yankees Suspended Game (and resumed suspended games in general)

How is this gonna work? I figure if I had the players in my starting lineup on May 15, I will get the points. I have Gleyber and Judge starting from that day. How will we know though if the points are counted?

I’m assuming that for players that were injured (Bird, Eaton) or in the minors (Soto) on May 15, I will not get the points despite them being in my starting lineup today (though that would be awesome if so since Soto hit a homer)

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It’ll show up on the May 15 game and your May 15 “Today’s Stats” page should show the final stats. This will be adjusted later tonight for everyone, so we can triple-check together.

For those affected: your team will get stats based on your lineup on May 15, not your lineup tonight.

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many thanks for the clarification! I wish I had the foresight to have Soto in my lineup before he was called up LOL


So this game actually had something interesting happen. Soto was placed on to the game today as a a replacement for some one who is currently on the DL. He was not available on the 15th. Called up on the 20th. As luck would have it, he belted a 2 run bomb. It is interesting because he “went back in time” to a game started on the 15th of May to get his “first” hit/homer. Too bad it sounds like it won’t count.


Hitting a home run 5 days before your debut is pretty rad.

The home run counts! If you had Soto in your lineup 5 days before he debuted, you’d get the homer. If you have the pitcher that gave up the homer, your team will have that around its neck too.

It just seems like it probably won’t be much of a boon to Soto owners.

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I talked to our data provider, and I believe these stats should be delivered tomorrow. So tomorrow I’ll update this thread once I have verified that the resumed game from 5/15 has all its stats counting, etc.

thx niv. i was wondering the same. has soto in yesterday but did not get the homer in my stats. now i know why. thx

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These stats have been included - you should see the changes reflected if you go back to the 15th of May on the Today’s Stats page.

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Will it be back on the Today’s Stats page for the original game day?

Re: suspended game today, this thread covers how they work.

Generally for resumed suspended games:

  1. Uses your lineup from the date the game started
  2. Will be updated usually the day AFTER the game is completed
  3. All stats and points count
  4. Any final H2H results will not be changed.

Regarding a suspended game (4/20 ARI @ CIN in this case)…

I had a player (Winker) in 4/20 lineup and his 1 for 3 with a walk added 5.6 points to my score that day before it was suspended in the 8th inning. It will resume today at 6:40. I only expect him to get maybe 1 more PA today, so it would make sense to start someone else today who will get 4 PA.

If I don’t play him today, does yesterday’s 5.6 points still count? Will his PA that take place today go on the 4/20 score anyway, or go on the 4/21 “bench” (unused) score?


Feel free to catch up on this thread.

doh! thanks. I searched first but hadn’t found this

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I have a couple of notes to add regarding suspended games:

  1. Yesterday due to the resumption of the Reds-Diamondbacks game from 4/20/21, the live stats page was showing totals that included both the 4/21 game and the resumed 4/20 game. I am making a fix so, going forward, this will not be an issue.

  2. Either we were loading the wrong lineups from Rotowire OR Rotowire gave us the lineups for the resumed game instead of the 4/21 game at lineup lock time. I’m going to be vigilant about this in the future to understand what happened, but the result is that players who played in the 4/21/21 Reds-Diamondbacks game were not auto-benched as expected.

Crichton’s (or anyone else’s) stats after the resumption of the game isn’t included with the 4/20 totals. All stats from before the game was suspended are included. Will this be updated?

Yep, this afternoon. I have to kick that stuff off manually so it isn’t immediate, unfortunately.

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My expectation is that the stats from the resumed portion of the Reds-Diamondbacks game that started on 4/20/21 and finished on 4/21/21 is now reflected on the live page and in standings.

I’ve checked all the Reds pitchers who are on rosters for this game, and all their stats show up on the appropriate teams’ stats except for my Sean Doolittle? Maybe I am looking at something wrong, but he has no stats for 4/20 (the 5-4 continued game).

Ok, well that’s good that they mostly worked. Could you send me a link to your live page and which team is yours? You can email and I can see what is up very quickly.