Need 1 Owner - Fangraph Points $20 League

We are a league getting ready to enter our third year. We have all been playing for 1-2 years so we are good enough to know what we are doing but definitely not veterans. We are committing to keeping the league going long term.

We are looking for one new owner Here is a link to the league:

Specifically, here is a link to the team that is open:

Send me a quick message if interested and I will get you set up. You can also reach me via email at


These spots keep going fast! Down to one open team.

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i’m interested in the last opening-which team is still available?

Happ’s Henchmen is still available. Here is a link to the team.

Let me know if you have any questions


I’m interested in taking over the team. Though since you’re an existing league, I should disclose I’m new around here so still learning. If you’d prefer someone with experience, that’s fine.

The whole leagues only has 1-2 years of experience so don’t worry at all about that. Go ahead and claim them.


As we continue to do some spring cleaning, we had another spot come open. Here is a link to the team:

Reach out to me if interested.