Need 3: OS5x5, $100, New Startup League, Drafting Sunday 3/26

We just need 3 more managers for a new startup league that is drafting this Sunday evening. 3 of us come from a long running league (10+) and are multi-sport fantasy players for 20+. Here for a new challenge and new friends.

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I apologize, I may have commented on the incorrect thread a bit ago. I’d be interested in joining, but I work Sunday evening, so I couldn’t draft then. Is there any chance of doing the Draft at a different time? If not, I totally understand!

Hey I’m interested! I’m new to Ottoneu but not to fantasy baseball, is that all good?

Jump on in man I am in the same boat. I am experience in fantasy baseball just new to ottoneu. Excited to get this league going it should be a blast!

That’s perfectly fine and you are more than welcome to join us! A lot of the players in the league have similar experience so everyone will play and learn together….

UPDATE: 2 slots left…jump in before we’re full…!

How long does a Draft on Ottoneau typically take? I’d love to join, but I’m working Sunday night, so I’d have to take a break to draft. I just wouldn’t want to mess things up for others by not being able to fully participate in the Draft.

It will prob take a few hours since it is a new league startup. It will all depend on how people auction. What I mean by that is if people consistently wait for the clock to get down to the last second or 2 before bidding, which restarts the clock for additional bids, and that process repeats over and over.

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Gotcha. I’ve played fantasy baseball for years, but I’m new to Ottoneu, so I wanted to confirm that. I don’t know that I’d be able to make that work in that case. Definitely don’t want to be one of those people who doesn’t participate in the Draft.

UPDATE: 1 Slot remaining…

I joined!

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Aaaaaaaaaaand full…!