Need an owner for a longstanding 5x5 $100 league

Looking for a replacement owner in an active 5x5 league that’s been around for several years. The open roster finished 3rd in 2019 and a new owner should have no problem competing in 2020. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

This team is claimed I’m guessing?

It’s still available unless someone else in the league has found someone today. I will check and put you in touch with the commish if you’re interested?

Sure what the hell, need another league anyway.

jabronies is the available team correct?

Yep, he had offered to stay on and make cuts if necessary until we found a replacement. I messaged the commish just now so I’ll let you know what we need to do to get you invited.

Cool, I’m in… he just needs my username. NBiscardi17

Are you able to pay the renewal today? After you pay the renewal you can make cuts, etc. The cut deadline is 01/31. Please let me know asap. My email is grzego at

Commish of 181

It is still available.

You have to transfer the team to me first then I can use the link to pay to dues. Usually new teams get like an extra week to make trades and cuts.