Need ONE MORE owner for a New League - $20 FGPTs - *SLOW AUCTION* w/ $0 5MiLB roster

Looking for active and engaged owners who are looking for one more league to join and a chance to draft from scratch. We’ll do a slow auction via Couchmanagers and once there’s enough interest we can discuss additional modifications to the standard Ottoneu rules ($0 MiLB roster, arb coupons, salary cap/floor, etc)/

Please message me here or on Slack @mprice if you’re interested!


Matt - I’ve got two spots open in a new league. See my recent post in Owners Wanted. $20, FG Pts Roto with 4 team playoff. Slow auction. Let me know if you want in.

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Alright, we have 5/12 slots filled. Anyone else interested in a first year draft?

9/12 slots filled - message me here or on Slack @mprice if interested.


Nearly full - looking for one more active owner. Message here or on Slack - @mprice


I’m interested in a spot if available.

Am interested if there is a spot available. Please email me at