Need one owner for a mid-season takeover

Want to claim an Ottoneu team with a head start on rebuilding? I’ve got a team for you. Highlights include a reasonably-priced Freddie Freeman ($36), Jose Ramirez, Altuve, and Lindor. Highest hitting P/G this year in a competitive league. Let’s not talk about pitching, though (lowest P/IP in the league by a half point).

League is new (our first year) and owners are very active and engaged - I personally know about a 1/3 of the league owners and keep tabs on owner activity throughout the year. Planning for this league to be around for a while.

Interested? Check out our league and shoot me a message if interested.


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Hey Mitch,
I’m interested if the team is still available- I’m a long-time player- v. active and engaged. This would be my first foray into Ottoneu but I play in some similar leagues. The roster looks like it has a lot of potential.

Thanks- Let me know,

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