Needing to refresh page multiple times to get up-to-date information

Very frequently for the past week or so, I have needed to refresh the main page, the lineups page, the message page and the Today’s Stat page each time I visit to get up-to-date information. For example, today, Monday, August 31st, when I first click on line-ups, I get Saturday, August 29th as the day that comes up, and then have to click forward to today. Lineup page and message page have been the worst.

Are you using Firefox by chance?

I’ve made a change to how our server tells web browsers to cache. This should help with this issue going forward. I’m keeping it open just in case, however.

Yes, you are correct, Niv, I am using Firefox.

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I think there was a new version recently that interprets caching settings stricter than before. Hopefully our cache setting changes will help resolve this going forward.

So far it does seem to be work more smoothly since you made the change awhile ago. Thanks!

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FWIW I am still experiencing this issue

  1. What browser are you using?
  2. Have you cleared your browser’s cache completely?
  3. How does this issue manifest itself for you?

I’m on Firefox. I cleared my cache, and that seems to have remedied it for now. Certain pages were showing stale data - the trade block, for example - even after other pages had explicitly been refreshed.

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I’ve confirmed that Firefox is getting the correct cache settings with the latest version.