Negative OPL Points in Lineup - Hunter Dozier (4/7)

Hadn’t looked at daily lineups from my OPL team (Third Degree Burnes) for the season. I just did and noticed one instance (opening day 4/7) that Hunter Dozier was in my OPL lineup with -5.8 points and it was calculated into my score. I have looked at the rest of the days and haven’t found any other instances, but thought I’d bring it up as I’d like to get those points back and to point out an oddity in the system that might affect other teams who face a close race with the cut line.

Happy to provide any more info. Thanks, Niv!

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I’ll re-run scoring for 4/7 for everyone shortly.

Thanks, Niv! Love ottoneu. Love OPL. Appreciate all you do

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Dozier back on the bench where he belongs.

It’s really easy for me to re-run scoring so if anyone sees another issue like this, let me know. Like I mentioned in that other thread, sometimes the optimizer loses run of itself.