New $100 points league!

Hey everyone. Finish your draft boards and learn some lessons? Wish you’d drafted a slightly different team? Ready to put your money where your mouth is? I just opened a $99 points league. League is “Point. Set. Match.” Would love to get it filled in time for season. Anyone interested, please join! It’ll be easier to recruit more people if we get a few more on board right off the bat. Thanks for considering! Let me know if you have questions. Ben (

When is the draft?

Will set it once we get a few more owners. Currently put a placeholder on Thursday, March 29, at 7:00p edt. I’m pretty flexible this week and can work with others’ schedules.

i would be interested. i can draft then

so whats the status of this league?

Is this league happening?

I might be interested. Rbarba if this one doesnt fly u interested in a roto 5x5? I will just start one. I like pts also commish i will enter if you have a spot and u think u have enough…

I could be interested, although there seem to be lots of leagues with 1 or 2 owners, but not many close to filling up. Maybe we should see if we can complete a league before starting another new one?

It wasn’t filling at all, couldn’t generate any interest. I joined up the $49 FanGraphs Points league “A Simple Game.” Still needs owners. A different commish set it up as H2H FGPoints, but he said he’d agree to poll all league owners before the draft on league settings, such as scoring system. He said he’d also ask if anyone wanted to boost it to a $100. Set up as $50 currently in order to attract more interest. Would be happy to have a couple more join!

It’ll definitely be a points league–only question is whether to do it as H2H or season-long points. I prefer the latter but am willing to play either in order to get in another league.