New $50 FGPts league

Hey everyone, I’m putting together a last second $50 FGPts league. We’re going to have a mix of new owners and vets. We’re going to knock the draft out on Saturday if we can fill the league. Right now we’re at 4 commits. Hit me up on here or Slack @dspracale.

Hi DSpracale - I’m completely new to Ottoneu and looking to join a league. If available I’d love to join with a mix of new and veteran owners. Hoping the following questions aren’t too ignorant to ask:

  • What are the minimum number of teams needed to start a league?
  • What happens if we don’t get the minimum by the start of the season?
  • I see the league is open - if I sign up and pay and the league doesn’t start are we refunded the money?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back!

We need 12 to play.

We can draft after the season starts (which I don’t really want to do but am open to it)

Yep if we cancel the league you get a refund, but I’ll double check with Niv just to make sure.

Confirmed. I’d like to fill the league and just do a marathon auction on Saturday afternoon.

Awesome - thanks for the quick response. I’m in and flexible with schedule this weekend (on west coast time at the moment).

Oh sweet!!! Ok we’re planning on an 8:30 ET start time and just powering through and being miserable the next day. Get signed up and I’ll get you on Slack as well.