New Commissioner Do's and Don'ts

Going into my second year of H2H and I have accepted to become Commissioner. I t was wondering if there is a go-to webpage of Commissioner deadlines and/or Do’s and Dont’s. For those of you that are Comms what is your best advice for a rookie…

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My one piece of advice is to remember it’s supposed to be fun, don’t let it get too serious. Good luck!


Have some conversations during the off-season. Some topics to consider include:

  1. Rule 1a: what constitutes a team “that can fill out a starting lineup”?
  2. How long can teams remain in an illegal state? What are the remedies if a team doesn’t take timely corrective action?
  3. Is it permissible for a team out of contention to stock up on players near the end of the season and enter the off-season in an illegal state?
  4. Do you want to impose on limits on loans?
  5. If a new team joins the league, do you make them pay their dues before they start making roster moves?

None of these are terribly complicated; it’s mostly a matter of level-setting and getting everyone on the same page.


Stock and Walt with some good points here. I’d just also call out a few more things such as:

  • Setting an expectation for rule changes and offseason voting (anytime before the draft, if teams want to propose a rule change, take it to a vote, etc.)
  • Sending an offseason housekeeping update - something I like to do every year around this time, check-in with everyone, remind teams of offseason timing (ottoneu calendar page), get a sense if teams plan to return for next year, etc.
  • Appointing a co-commish - never hurts
  • Draft discussion topics: once the calendar turns, or maybe once you get to February, having this discussion with the league: slow vs. fast draft, date/time preferences, etc. the earlier you get a date, the better.

Thanks you - these are all very interesting “grey areas” that are very useful . Thankfully i am inheriting a league so my hope is that there is a certain way of working that outliers will be “group handled”.