New League for July 2021

There’s a new $20 Ottoneu FGPts league starting up. We’ll draft sometime in early July, draft day/time TBD. All Ottoneu experience levels welcome. Best of all, league renewal fees not due until January 2023.

League name is “A Midsummer’s Night Classic

Hi! I’m interested in playing. Brand new to Ottoneu, but have been playing fantasy baseball for around 10 years. I did take a short hiatus for the last few of years, so getting caught up on players, hopefully that’s okay.

I tried to join the league but got met with the payment screen even though there’s supposed to be no fees. Should I just go ahead and pay and get refunded later? Not sure how that’s supposed to work

There’s no renewal fees for 2022. You pay $20 for the remainder of 2021.

Ah, got it. Just joined, thanks for setting this up!

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Hello! If there any spots still open, I’d love to join. I currently have no experience in Ottoneu, but I do have 5+ years of dynasty fbb.


Yep, there’s still plenty of room. Just go to and click on “A Midsummer’s Night Classic.”

Bumping this for anyone who might have missed it. As of this writing, there are still four spots left!

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Isn’t there a problem where game limits aren’t enforced at a real level so you can just scam away and win?

The league @walt526 created has been manually designated as a “mid-season league” and will have 81 game caps (405 for OF) and 750 IP cap.

I can make this designation for any other league that chooses to have it, but it requires an email to

I am in then